ConfigOnline is South Africa's only officially certified provider of the CMII business model, as used by major multi-nationals all over the world.

ConfigOnline also provides the following services:

  • Advisory Consultation: Providing methodologies, workflow, processes and related documentation for
               the application of configuration management, suited to your organisation.

  • Training, provided for individuals, general or special groups. Group training is provided in either
               closed groups (company specific) or public Training Courses.

  • Support - continuous support on a day-to-day basis or on an hourly callout basis providing solutions to
               ad-hoc problems.

  • Implementation Support - providing support during the promulgation and implementation of new processes,
               procedures and solutions.

Our principal, Carol Cotty, is a US-qualified CMII certified instructor and consultant. She is a dedicated specialist in the fields of configuration management, records management and document management. Her experience has been gained from diverse products and systems, ranging from the commercial to the military sectors, and represents more than thirty years of working experience.

CMII - A New Generation of Configuration Management

CMII is a revolutionary business model, which has replaced traditional change management strategies all over the world. It is now available in South Africa exclusively through ConfigOnline, this country's only certified CMII provider. The CMII model is more powerful than any other initiative for improving organisational performance. It provides the ability to accommodate change and keep associated information clear, concise and valid. In a nutshell, Configuration Management is the method whereby all information needed to create or change a product or service, is managed to ensure maximum efficiency in that process.

Traditional configuration management methodologies focus on producing a product or service, and then attending to bugs or market demands later. CMII has turned this process on its head by ensuring that requirements lead the process. With CMII, configuration management is lifted out of its engineering design orientation and given and enterprise-wide perspective. CMII eliminates the bureaucracy that stifles development and leaves other life cycle phases suffocating on corrective action. Continuous corrective action is not continuous improvement. Any organisation that implements CMII can transition out of the corrective action mode and into a continuous improvement mode.

CMII is ideal for any project - a product or a process, new development or modification, hardware or software, large or small, simple or complex. The methodology is the same.

Vince Guess re-engineered the CM process in the 1970s and began teaching the principles of CMII in 1981. He founded the Institute of Configuration Management, based in the USA. A training partner with GfKM in Germany was established in 1998. CMII and was introduced to South Africa in 2004 in terms of an exclusive arrangement with ConfigOnline. In 2005, a CMII training partner was established with Australia.

NOW AVAILABLE: Vincent G. Guess' "CMII for Business Process Infrastructure (2nd Edition)." This book sets the standard for all CMII policies, procedures and processes worldwide. It's author is President of the Institute of Configuration Management. Contact us today for details.