From CM to CMII and IPE

The CMII training and certification program began as a re-engineered version of the military CM standards for use in both commercial and defence applications. CM was lifted out of engineering and given an enterprise-wide perspective. It was named CMII in 1988.

CMII has continued to evolve and was rebranded in 2008 as the path to Integrated Process Excellence (or IPE). CMII is an enhanced version of CM which provides the necessary infrastructure for achieving integrated process excellence.

Integrated process excellence is achieved when (1) all core business processes are fully integrated and automated and (2) enterprise-wide resources being spent on corrective action are confirmed to be in a continual state of decline.

From Configuration Management to CMII and Integrated Process Excellence.

CMII-100F - CMII Standard for Integrated Process Excellence and Configuration Management: [ download here ]